Clergy Child continued...

In Honduras, the quality of free publication education is very poor and it is critical that the children of the Episcopal clergy have the chance to attend one of the bilingual Episcopal schools that can provide them the academic preparation that they will need to lead the church and nation in the future.

The principal of partaking of one's labor was addressed by God's first laws given to man.  In Deuteronomy 25:4 it is written, "Do not muzzle an ox while it is treading out the grain." This is a statement concerning the appropriateness of allowing those who are laboring to partake of those labors.  If it is appropriate for the ox to partake of the fruits of its labor, how much more should those who labor as clergy members in the Episcopal Diocese of Honduras be able to partake of their labors?  This occurs when their children are able to attend an Episcopal school.

The Child of Clergy sponsorship Program allows individuals, parishes, or other groups to sponsor a student, who is the child of an Episcopal clergy member in Honduras.  This sponsorship will fund the full cost of education for a student at one of the seven bilingual Episcopal Schools of Honduras.  Sponsors will be given the name, grade, and photograph of the child sponsored and will have the opportunity to correspond with them and follow their progress through school.

The Episcopal Schools of Honduras are preparing future leaders to lead the Episcopal Church and the nation of Honduras.  Your help in this effort is greatly appreciated.